Europe’s future will be muddled

merkel cameron hollande

An uncomfortable alliance

Here’s a short, provocative and interesting piece on the past, present and future of Europe by Anthony de Jasay on the Library of Economics and Liberty. It was written before the current debacle in Cyprus, but the conclusions – that Europe will muddle on for the foreseeable future through an increasingly uncomfortable alliance between the UK, France and Germany – will, I think, hold true. At least for now.

Anthony de Jasay, “A Triangular Europe: Three Incompatible Conceptions.” March 4, 2013. Library of Economics and Liberty. 27 March 2013. <>.


2 thoughts on “Europe’s future will be muddled

  1. Thank you. It is a good article. Like most things today the EU monetary system has become so fragile that the next black swan event, such as a contagious bank run, may be the tipping point for disunion.

    • I agree. In fact I think the tipping point has already passed actually. The only thing stopping it from spinning totally out of control is the (increasingly fragile) political alliance between France and Germany. Behind the scenes I suspect everything is held together with duct tape. How long it will last from here on in is therefore anybody’s guess.

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